Behold the Serpent, a magnificent testament to the symbiosis of untamed might and captivating aesthetics, where raw power intertwines harmoniously with resplendent artistry. Meticulously crafted to transcend boundaries, it effortlessly claims its place as a coveted masterpiece, equally enchanting in the confines of your personal gallery or the vast expanse of the open road.

Its uni-body construction, painstakingly formed from hand-sculpted aluminum, stands as a true opus of design. Adorned with a commanding 300mm rear tire and a mesmerizing single-sided swingarm, it exudes an air of undeniable grandeur, captivating onlookers with its sheer presence alone.

Within the core of this marvel lies a beating heart—a 1000cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected inline 4-cylinder engine—bestowing upon the Serpent an unrivaled vitality. With a mesmerizing redline of 13,500 rpm and a formidable 165 regal horses, it unleashes a symphony of power that leaves mere mortals in awe of its unyielding prowess.

Such is the eminence of the Serpent that it has found its eternal abode at the Audrain Auto Museum, a sanctuary in the esteemed realm of automotive heritage, nestled in the prestigious realm of Newport, Rhode Island. Here, it resides as a symbol of timeless allure, an embodiment of unrivaled magnificence, inviting connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to bask in its captivating presence.