Velocity Collection // 1

This first piece is based on the Hayabusa engine that has been bead-blasted and clear coated for ease of cleaning. The engine was removed from an almost brand new bike and has only 1800 miles on it. If it were bolted back into a bike it would run like new. Ransom couldn’t envision using “just” an empty engine case because, ”where’s the fun in that?” The tail is hand sculpted from aircraft grade aluminum and mirror polished to perfection. The exhaust is meticulously handmade from 99.9% pure Grade 2 Titanium 1.670″ x .040″ tubing and .040” thick Titanium sheet for the curved cone outlets. It features 184 precision Tig welded and purged joints totaling about 97 feet of weld length. The exhaust was then scorched in key areas to bring out the Titanium’s vibrant colors. The pedestal frame is handmade and Tig welded 304 series Stainless Steel 1.50″ x .120′ wall tube with bead blasted aircraft grade Aluminum panels to give them a cast aluminum appearance to better integrate them with the cast engine block. The engine has been banked forward on the pedestal to help create its forward motion appearance. Each 2 to 1 exhaust tube curves up and rearward further enhancing the sculptures fast looking stance. The Aluminum tail has borrowed lines of a sport bike tail and looks as if it were created from a solid block of Aluminum that was super heated and manipulated by velocity. However, it is handcrafted from .063” thick aircraft grade Aluminum sheet. All engine cover bolts have been “gun blued” to add some contrast. A “Ransom Velocity Collection First Edition” Aluminum tag is fastened to the lower rear of the engine case for authenticity.

About the “Velocity” series:

99% of the motorsport related sculpture that’s currently on the market is based on mechanical gears and gizmos, where as this sculpture and the other pieces in Ransom’s Velocity collection are based on a specific motorcycle or automobile part at the center and then Ransom adds his creative vision to give it the illusion or character of velocity with aggressive, sensual flowing lines. Ransom prefers to create works that have clean flowing lines with as minimal “visual noise” as possible. The collection will consist of some large pieces, as well as some table-top sized pieces. Ransom will be incorporating a variety of materials such as hand formed Titanium, Copper, Stainless Steel, etc into each piece.


Length 36″ (91.4cm)
Width 34″ (86.3cm)
Height 55″ (139.7cm)